So you decided to fulfill your dream and start your own business. What is the first step? How do you start? What are the next steps? How do you make your “business dream” a tangible entity that brings in money and a lot of self-satisfaction? Every dream starts with an idea. In order for us to be able to turn the idea into a working business, a well-organized business plan for every step is a necessary tool for the proper establishment and opening of the business.

A good business plan, when built by experts, gives us the path and gives us the right spatial vision from a marketing, managerial and financial perspective to start a successful business right from the start and prevents the loss of investment and the failure of the business concept.

As an office specializing in the field, we provide the entire framework business plan – from the “idea stage” to the “running business”, according to your needs and all while providing professional solutions and personal guidance.
Our personal acquaintance with you and the importance we give to the customer experience, contribute to an enjoying, fast, reliable and professional care.

From our offices in Tel Aviv and Haifa, we provide business plan building services, financial plan building, valuations, assistance in obtaining state guarantees, preparation for start-up capital raising, business support, mergers and aquisitions, obtaining bank financing, raising funds and more. We are at your disposal to take you step by step from the idea stage to the stage where the business takes place and runs on its own.