How do you find an accountant that is right for you?
How do you choose the right accountant?

Almost every business in Israel, if not all of them, needs the services of an accountant. We need this in the audit and accounting service, in need of tax advice, financial advice and even the issuing of basic certifications to the various institutions. Therefore, you always need to have your accountant services at one level or another.

So, you have to ask yourself two questions when choosing an accountant:

  1. Who is a good accountant?
  2. Which office is he affiliated with?

These two questions depend on each other and usually arise while thinking about starting a business or at times of changes in the business such as expanding, changing its composition, recalculating a route or any other matter that pops up along the way.
We would love to try and answer these questions for you.

So? Who is the best accountant for you and for your business? Surely this is a rather complex question since the immediate answer is that a good accountant is the one who will take care of you and safeguard your interests. This may be the right answer, but it is not the complete answer.

The accountant, by definition, bears responsibility for everyone involved and not just his client. Accountants must present a complete, whole and true picture of the audited business as well as banks, investors and other creditors. In his work, the accountant’s responsibility is not only with the client but with all the parties involved in and around the business, as he has the responsibility to act according to the principle of conservatism to which he is committed.

The accountant must adhere and comply with all the rules of the financial institutions and tax authorities, as they must also account for them, while representing his customer’s interests. If so, how can a good accountant satisfy everyone? The answer is simple: the accountant must be creative, he must take care of his client’s interests but at the same time maintain credibility to the various authorities, creativity is not an element that is taught in universities, creativity is experience, character and wisdom. A good accountant is one who knows how to be creative while maintaining professionalism, has rich experience in his field, has a reputation and is reliable and above all he must be a person who knows how to think outside the box!

And now? How to choose the right office? There are large firms, small offices and the ones in the middle… how do you choose? In the large firms, there are departments with expertise in various accounting and auditing industries and have connections with overseas bodies and a great deal of knowledge of the regulations that exist around the world. In small offices, you will receive personal and meticulous care from the owner. And in the medium size offices, you can find great professionalism and scope, alongside a personal and dedicated approach, close care and prices that are suitable for every business size.

At Rozenblatt, we were able to build a mix where customers enjoy all the worlds.