Accounting services refer to the whole set of operations for managing accounts in an active business. Proper handling of the business takes time and requires order and organization of a high and professional standard, consulting and guidance on deductible revenue, tax and VAT expenses and the supervision of a qualified and experienced accountant who will provide financial advisory and offer his professional opinion.

Accounting services include:

• Computerized accounting for every type of business, from small to large.

• An ongoing record of all business operations.

• Business feasibility tests.

• Advice and guidance by tax advisor and / or accountant according to business needs.

• Preparing and submitting monthly reports to the state authorities.

• Preparing and submitting financial statements as required by law.

It is important to remember that close and ongoing monitoring of your business by an experienced accountant is a very important element since, as the business is constantly controlled by it, this allows the business to work most efficiently.

At Rozenblatt, we recommend that you reach a counseling session before deciding which type is about opening the authorities. During the meeting, after we find out what sort of business you would like to start and what scope of activity you’d expect, we can recommend and guide you on the type of business you need to register as in the local authority.

Rozenblatt’s bookkeeping office is an accounting services office that provides professional solutions and customer support in a family atmosphere with a personal and warm attitude.
Our personal knowledge and emphasis on the customer experience is what allows us to accompany your business in the most efficient, reliable and professional way.With us, you can get an answer to any question or concern regardless of the size or nature of your business.

Our firm provides a wide range of services to the public, including:

• Initial consultation meeting to assess the feasibility of starting a business and to examine the form of association.

• Accompanying the establishment of the business. Business, professional and financial support on a regular basis.

• Perform regular bookkeeping.

• Running payroll for the employees.

• Examining tax plans to maximize business profitability.

• Submission of annual reports to tax authorities after feasibility tests.

• Submitting capital statements to the tax authorities on demand.

• Accompanying deliberations with the tax authorities if necessary.

• Internal auditing services for the business (preliminary and / or investigative reviews).

• Our office also accompanies the business daily to increase the revenues and profitability of the business.

Rozenblatt – Accountant, Tax Advice and Accounting Services is an advanced accounting services firm in Israel in both professional knowledge and practices.

The office has two branches: Haifa and Tel Aviv.

The firm integrates advanced services through the Internet and user friendly apps, as well as attitude and personal service for each client. The knowledge and service we provide to the customer is on another level: for us the customer is the center and therefore all the professional staff is at his disposal to give him the best, fastest and most professional treatment. Our service is provided to every customer regardless of the size or nature of their business (employee, exempt dealer, licensed dealer or company).