Both our offices, in Haifa and in Ramat Gan, were established in 2006 and now serve hundreds of customers all over the country. Our firm is considered one of the largest and leading accounting firms and provides a range of services to private clients, companies, the public sector, committees and organizations. Rozenblatt firm provides comprehensive accounting services, professional solutions and customer support in a familial atmosphere with a personal touch.


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The customer is our focus

Our firm integrates progressive informatic and online solutions with personalized customer care. At Rozenblatt we answer your questions regardless of the size or nature of your business. The knowledge and service we provide our clients with is unparalleled: The customer is at the center of our operation and our professional staff is always there to provide you with the best, quickest and most professional care. Whether we care for an employee, a small or medium business owner, a company, a partnership or an association, we will provide you with answers and solutions, advice and guidance.

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Rozenblatt is focused on personalized care and customer experience – allowing you to enjoy the fastest, most reliable and professional service. Rozenblatt uses advanced practices under the supervision of an experienced accountancy team. One of our unique services is collecting your bookkeeping material directly from your home or your office, helping you focus on your growth rather than wasting valuable time and resources. this service was born from our customers’ needs and goes hand in hand with progress (bookkeeping collection service is provided upon customer request).




    Our firm provides bookkeeping services that allow your business to grow safely. We offer a wide range of options for businesses of all sizes.


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