Starting a business is a very challenging step that makes you as an entrepreneur grow a “third eye” – you need to look at things differently and ask the right questions before they turn into obstacles. Proper planning of every step before making it, will make your business grow and earn the revenues you’ve always dreamed of.

When you start your business you need to take the right choices that will affect your business from now on:

– Is my idea really realistic? Can I turn my dream into reality? Will I make money out of it?
– Is it a good idea to start a business with my life partner? Would it be better if only one of us took care of the business?
– is it the right move to hire employees from the very first day of my business? What could be the implications of that step?
– What is the balance of my business? (didn’t understand at all  )
– Should I start off with exempt dealer, authorized dealer or partnership with a greater company, what is the meaning behind every single of the choices?
– Should I invest all of my own fortune into the business or should I take loans from the banks or other sources?
– What is the legal expenditure for a business and what could be illegal?
– Do I need to keep invoices and receipts from the time before I started my business or it is not important?

To start a new business, you need to be familiar with all of the legal steps you need to take before making that step. Including tax management, Social security and more… It is better to do all of these steps with a professional – someone who is well familiar with all of the laws and regulations that are required for starting a business.

At Rozenblatt you will have continues escort from one of our finest professionals. We will take care of all the business’ data; we will find a way to make the best with what we have before we start your new business. Of course, before we send out all the files to the authorities, we will look into the files together with you to make sure we did not miss a thing.